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All the King’s Men (1949)

posted by admin, April 15, 2015 @ 9:22 am

Movie: All the King’s Men

  • Director: Robert Rossen
  • Stars: Al Thompson, Al Wyatt, Alden ‘Stephen’ Chase, Anne Seymour, Beau Anderson, Bert Hanlon, Beulah Hutton, Bill Wolfe, Bob Milton, Broderick Crawford, Charles Haefeli, Charles Perry, Charles Sherlock, Charles Sullivan, Dick Gordon, Donald Kerr, Earle S Dewey, Edwin Chandler, Frank McClure, Frank Wilcox, George Morrell, George Taylor, Gil Frye, Gil Perkins, Glen Thompson, Grandon Rhodes, Harold Miller, Harry Wilson, Helena Benda, Helene Stanley, Houseley Stevenson, Irving Smith, Jack Evans, Jack Gargan, Jack Gordon, James Conaty, James Linn, Joanne Dru, John ‘Skins’ Miller, John Derek, John Ireland, Judd Holdren, Katherine Warren, Kenner G Kemp, King Donovan, Larry Steers, Leslie Sketchley, Louis Mason, Marshall Bradford, Mary Bear, Mercedes McCambridge, Mike Lally, Nolan Leary, Pat O’Malley, Paul Ford, Paul Maxey, Phil Tully, Ralph Dumke, Raymond Greenleaf, Rhoda Williams
  • Release Date: November 08, 1949
  • Run Time: 110 mins
  • Genre: Drama

All the King’s Men: Jack Burden is a newspaper reporter who first hears of Willie Stark when his editor sends him to Kanoma County to cover the man. What’s special about this nobody running for county treasurer? He’s supposedly an honest man. Burden discovers this to be true when he sees Stark delivering a speech and having his son pass out handbills, while the local politicians do their best to intimidate him. Willie Stark is honest and brave. He’s also a know-nothing hick whose schoolteacher wife has given him what little education he has. Stark loses the race for treasurer, but later makes his way through law school, becoming an idealistic attorney who fights for what is good. Someone in the governor’s employ remembers Stark when the governor needs a patsy to run against him and split the vote of his rival. The fat cats underestimate Stark; but Jack Burden, Stark’s biggest supporter, overestimates the man’s idealism. To get where he wants to go, Willie Stark is willing to crack a few eggs – which include his tough-talking assistant, Sadie Burke; Jack’s poised and elegant fianc?e, Anne Stanton; and even Jack Burden himself.

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