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Another Woman (1994)

posted by admin, June 28, 2015 @ 11:47 pm

Movie: Another Woman

  • Director: Alan Smythe
  • Stars: Justine Bateman, Peter Outerbridge, James Purcell, Kenneth Welsh, Amy Stewart, Jackie Richardson, Elizabeth Lennie, Diana Belshaw, John Jarvis, Michael Copeman, Meg Hogarth, Douglas O’Keeffe, Matthew Smith, Kim Lavis, Jack Jessop
  • Release Date: October 02, 1994
  • Run Time: 86 min
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

After a brutal attack leaves Lisa Temple without her memory, her husband declares that she is another woman. She begins to find out just what that means when she begins to try to recover that lost memory. The life that emerges is one of a bitter and depressed woman who who has apparently alienated everyone, including her husband. He has already filed for divorce. This new woman that she has become though, convinces him to put his plans on hold. As she rebuilds her life Lisa and husband fall in love again. There is danger lurking however, and one last angry memory waiting to surface. Will their love survive?

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