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Chick Flick How Birds Produce and Raise Chicks (2008)

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Movie: Chick Flick How Birds Produce and Raise Chicks

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  • Release Date: January 01, 2008
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  • Genre: Documentary

Every year birds enter a secretive phase of life – producing and raising chicks. Rarely are casual observers privileged to see their incredible courting rituals, nesting behaviour, and parenting. CHICK FLICK uses spectacular video of over 100 mostly North American birds to open a window on this fascinating behavior. You will see astonishing courting behavior- greater sage grouse and greater prairie chickens booming on their leks, pairs of western and Clark’s grebes running across water, sandhill cranes leaping in the air. You will observe huge colonies of courting, mating, and nesting Brandt’s cormorants. You will be touched by the selfless bravery of a mother mallard duck protecting her chicks from a hawk. Not only does CHICK FLICK reveal the most secretive aspects of bird life, it provides an appreciation of the difficulties birds face and the sacrifices they make to ensure the next generation. …. Chapters: Introduction, Attracting Mates: Color and Plumage, Breeding Readiness Signals, Song, Displays, Leks or Courtship Grounds, Good Providers, Nests, Defending the Nest: Location, Displays, Attack, Rookeries – Safety in Numbers, Incubating Eggs, Chicks: Precocial, Chicks: Altricial, Fledglings. ….” From bird mating to chick independence, the short segments keep the audience focused. Viewers will be intrigued by the contrast of male and female bird colors, the beautiful calls of different mating species, and many other interesting facts. Onscreen titles identify the birds. The excellent photography, amazing bird antics, and clear and simple narration will hold students’ attention.

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