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Cielo sulla palude (1949)

posted by admin, June 23, 2015 @ 11:17 pm

Movie: Cielo sulla palude

  • Director: Augusto Genina
  • Stars: Rubi D’Alma, Michele Malaspina, Domenico Viglione Borghese, Ines Orsini, Assunta Radico, Giovanni Martella, Mauro Matteucci, Francesco Tomalillo, Mara Luisa Landn, Ida Paoloni, Federico Meloni, Jole Savoretti, Giovanni Sestili, Vincenzo Solfiotti
  • Release Date: November 24, 1949
  • Run Time: 111 min
  • Genre: Drama

The scene is the Pontine Marshes, a disease-ridden region. The year is 1902. Maria Goretti, a twelve-year-old girl, lives with her parents, poor farm hands, in the house of Serenelli, a heavy drinker who has offered them board and lodging. The farmer has a son, Alessandro, aged eighteen, who is sexually attracted to the pious girl. Maria resists his advances. One day the young man can’t help it anymore: he rapes Maria before murdering her. Before she dies, Maria forgives her assailant. After her death she is canonized as a saint.

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