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Comanche blanco (1968)

posted by admin, June 25, 2015 @ 1:20 am

Movie: Comanche blanco

  • Director: Jos Briz Mndez
  • Stars: Joseph Cotten, William Shatner, Rosanna Yanni, Perla Cristal, Mariano Vidal Molina, Luis Prendes, Barta Barri, Vicente Roca, Luis Rivera, Javier Maiza, Vctor Israel, Fernando Lewis, Hctor Quiroga, Gene Reyes, Gian Castelli
  • Release Date: December 23, 1968
  • Run Time: 93 min
  • Genre: Drama, Western

William Shatner plays two roles: cowboy Johnny Moon and his ruthless Indian twin brother, Notah. Notah likes peyote and gets the crazy idea that he’s the Comanche messiah sent to lead the Comanche nation against the white man but more specifically the dusty desert town of Rio Hondo. Moon, estranged from his brother, decides to stop Notah either by words or by bullets.

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