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Dark City (1950)

posted by admin, June 8, 2015 @ 12:24 am

Movie: Dark City

  • Director: William Dieterle
  • Stars: Bill Cartledge, Bill Sheehan, Bob Evans, Byron Foulger, Charles Dayton, Charles Sherlock, Charlton Heston, Dean Jagger, Dewey Robinson, Don DeFore, Ed Begley, Franz Roehn, Fred Aldrich, George Magrill, Greta Granstedt, Hamilton Camp, Harry Morgan, Hubie Kerns, Jack Chefe, Jack Webb, James R Scott, Jay Morley, Jeffrey Sayre, Jimmie Dundee, Joan Morgan, Joe Gray, John Bishop, John Breen, Kasey Rogers, Lizabeth Scott, Marcoreta Hellman, Mickey Golden, Mike Donovan, Mike Mahoney, Mike Mazurki, Otto Waldis, Ralph Peters, Sally Corner, Sam Finn, Stan Johnson, Stanley Prager, Viveca Lindfors, Walter Burke, Walter Sande, Warren Mace, William H O’Brien
  • Release Date: October 17, 1950
  • Run Time: 98 mins
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Danny Haley’s bookie operation is shut down, so he and his pals need money; when Danny meets Arthur Winant, a sucker from out of town, he decoys him into a series of poker games where eventually Winant loses 00 that isn’t his…then hangs himself. But it seems Winant had a shadowy, protective elder brother who believes in personal revenge. And each of the card players in turn feels a faceless doom inexorably closing in. Dark streets and sexy torch-singer Fran lend ambience.

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