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Dark Planet (1997)

posted by admin, July 5, 2015 @ 12:07 am

Movie: Dark Planet

  • Director: Albert Magnoli
  • Stars: Paul Mercurio, Harley Jane Kozak, Michael York, Maria Ford, Ed O’Ross, Phil Morris, Amy Beth Cohn, Blake Boyd, Rick Johnson, Sal Landi, Ed Evanko, Rod Arrants, Karen Mayo-Chandler, John Beck, Mark Folger
  • Release Date: August 04, 1997
  • Run Time: 99 min
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

Two sides, one known as the Alphas and the other the Rebels, struggle in a brutal war on Earth and in outer space. When a habitable planet is discovered in orbit around a star that is on the far side of a dangerous wormhole, the two sides mysteriously set aside their differences and send a joint mission to explore the planet. The mission of the starship Scylla is soon beset by political intrigue and treachery, jeopardizing not only the mission, but the lives of the entire crew.

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