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Drcula contra Frankenstein (1969)

posted by admin, June 21, 2015 @ 1:07 am

Movie: Drcula contra Frankenstein

  • Director: Jess Franco
  • Stars: Dennis Price, Howard Vernon, Paca Gabaldn, Alberto Dalbs, Britt Nichols, Genevive Robert, Anne Libert, Luis Barboo, Brandy, Fernando Bilbao, Josyane Gibert
  • Release Date: December 31, 1969
  • Run Time: 85 min
  • Genre: Horror

Dracula kills another innocent victim and Dr. Seward decides it’s time to wipe him off the face of the earth. Armed with a hammer and a wooden stake, he arrives at Castle Dracula and duly dispatches the vampire Count. Next day, however, Dr. Frankenstein arrives with his assistant, Morpho, and a large crate containing the monster. Using the blood of a pub singer who has been abducted by his creation, the doctor brings Dracula back to life and uses him for his own ends. The Count and a female vampire continue to terrorise the town, so Dr Seward once again sets out for Castle Dracula. Unfortunately, he is attacked by the Frankenstein monster and left for dead. Amira, a gypsy, rescues him and summons up a werewolf to do battle with the forces of evil…

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