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Extralarge: Diamonds (1993)

posted by admin, July 7, 2015 @ 12:52 am

Movie: Extralarge: Diamonds

  • Director: Alessandro Capone
  • Stars: Bud Spencer, Michael Winslow, Lou Bedford, Vivian Ruiz, Alfie Wise, Luke Halpin, Pino Ammendola, Ulrich Mhe, Dennis Deveaugh, Roberto Escobar, Jill Whitlow
  • Release Date: December 31, 1993
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Extralarge and Dumas by chance foil the kidnapping of a small girl. What apparently seems to be a normal kidnapping for the purpose of extortion hides a vendetta between drug traffickers. In fact, the girls father, Eduardo, is the right-hand man of the Medellin cartel. Eduardo has decided to change his ways, but the other men in the cartel will not permit him to. So Eduardo, in order to blackmail his bosses and as insurance for his life and that of his daughter, hides an enormous consignment of diamonds at a bank which he will return to the traffickers once he is safe. But luck is not with the him. A band of robbers break into the bank where the diamonds are being kept and Eduardos guarantee of survival disappears. Terrorized, he goes to Extralarge asking him for protection without however informing him of the real situation, while his daughter is kidnapped by the cartels men…..

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