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Girlfriend from Hell (1989)

posted by admin, June 16, 2015 @ 5:32 am

Movie: Girlfriend from Hell

  • Director: Dan Peterson
  • Stars: Alba Francesca, Anthony Barrile, Brad Zutaut, Christina Veronica, Dana Ashbrook, Daphna Kastner, James Daughton, James Karen, Ken Abraham, Laura Bruneau, Lezlie Deane, Liane Curtis, Sarah Kaite Coughlan
  • Release Date: April 24, 1989
  • Run Time: 92 mins
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

The Devil is a woman! She is on the run and being pursued by God's “chaser”, (who is an ex-lover coincidently). The chase drops her in the lap of an ongoing birthday party where shy Maggie is on a blind date with equally shy David. As the Devil inhabits Maggie's body the fun starts. First she proves that there is no one that she cannot offend, most especially her girlfriends when she takes their boyfriends upstairs for some killer (no shit) sex. As the bodys pile up the chaser arrives. Lovers tiff doesn't begin to go into the arguing that ensues as the plot reveals that the devil is pissed because she is jealous of her boyfriends over-enthusiastic flirting. Every woman in the film wants to pound our chaser into pulp as his obnoxiousness escalates. Also not to be messed are the crop of Nuns with rocket launchers and semi-automatic weaponry. Quick trips in and out of deep space, bodies in the bathtub, and restaurants where the food attack the patrons. A must see, must rent, and must own for every happy couple

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