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Goodbye Mr. Pink (2009)

posted by admin, July 2, 2015 @ 1:13 am

Movie: Goodbye Mr. Pink

  • Director: Helen Piercy
  • Stars: Dora Gee, Ryan Gunning
  • Release Date: July 18, 2009
  • Run Time: 11 min
  • Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

When seven-year-old Rose skips lightly into her garden shed one day, a curled up ball of white fur is not what she expects to find. Her pet rabbit, Mr. Pink, does not seem the least bit interested in the carrot she has brought for him but stares at her with glassy eyes instead. Rose can\’t quite make out what the matter is – is Mr. Pink asleep, is he ill, does he not want to be friends anymore? When her older brother, Alex, arrives on the scene a few minutes later, he makes a chilling proclamation: Mr. Pink is dead. Still, Rose is not quite sure what that means and while Alex busies himself with trying to work out the cause of death, Rose steps into a macabre world of imagination. Aided by her brother\’s less than helpful explanations, pretend play involving the white rabbit, and her own little view of the world, Rose creates a fantasy about the fate of Mr. Pink. What follows is a series of life-after-death scenarios involving the pet rabbit.

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