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Has Science Refuted Religion Debate (2012)

posted by admin, July 2, 2015 @ 1:06 am

Movie: Has Science Refuted Religion Debate

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  • Release Date: March 27, 2012
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  • Genre: Documentary, Talk-Show

CALTECH COSMOLOGIST AND PHYSICIST Sean Carroll teams up with Skeptic magazine publisher and science historian Michael Shermer in this epic debate with noted conservative author and King\’s College President Dinesh D\’Souza and MIT physicist Ian Hutchinson as they go head-to-head over one of the most controversial issues of our age. As science pushes deeper into territory once the province of religion, with questions such as Why there is something rather than nothing?, Where did the universe come from?, How did life arise?, What was the origin of morality?, and others, inevitable conflicts arise over the best approach to answer them.

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