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Joshua (2002)

posted by admin, June 28, 2015 @ 11:35 pm

Movie: Joshua

  • Director: Jon Purdy
  • Stars: Tony Goldwyn, F. Murray Abraham, Kurt Fuller, Stacy Edwards, Giancarlo Giannini, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Michael Guido, Matt Zeigler, Colleen Camp, Marc Grapey, Rich Komenich, Dale Calandra, Cedric Young, Tim Grimm, Jordan Allen
  • Release Date: April 19, 2002
  • Run Time: 91 min
  • Genre: Drama

The town of Auburn was always normal, to say the least. True, the people there weren\’t really a \”community\”, but they never noticed…until a stranger named rolled into town one morning. In small ways, began to help out around the town-helping a teen play guitar, helping save a marriage in danger, or teaching a bumbling priest how to speak about faith. An old Baptist church that came down in a storm is his next big project. With the help of stuttering Theo, who dreams of being a preacher, he brings the town together to restore the old building. In this way, the whole town unites and becomes a community. This attracts the attention of Father Tordone, who is a bitter man due to the fact that he lost a position in the Vatican. When the mysterious begins to show up in two places at once and miraculously cures a blind woman, Father Tordone believes is a false prophet, trying to cheat people. When his next huge miracle-reviving Theo from death after he falls from the roof of the newly completed church-overwhelms the town, Father Tordone seeks out an official condemnation from the Vatican. But melts his icy heart, and the reformed Father becomes a Vatican member. sees the Pope himself and reveals himself as Jesus! After his meeting, leaves-but the people of Auburn, with their dreams fufilled and their happiness increased.

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