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Marine Life (2000)

posted by admin, July 1, 2015 @ 1:10 am

Movie: Marine Life

  • Director: Anne Wheeler
  • Stars: Cybill Shepherd, Peter Outerbridge, Alexandra Purvis, Gabrielle Miller, Michael Hogan, Tyler Labine, Suki Kaiser, Scott Bellis, Martin Budny, Alexis Ioannidis, Jocelyne Loewen, Shawn Macdonald, Eliza Norbury, Dylan Pearson, Keely Purvis
  • Release Date: September 15, 2000
  • Run Time: 95 min
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama

revolves around the choatic family life of June, a middle-aged lounge singer and mother. June is trying to hold on to her career, her beauty, her children and her most recent love, Robert – a tender but slightly confused younger man. To escape the world, June makes frequent trips through the car wash, singing her heart out. June's twelve year old daughter Adele – an amazingly mature adolescent surrounded by amazingly adolescent adults – tries to make sense of the emotional upheaval surrounding her. Within her weird extended family, Adele learns about loyalty, betrayal, forgiveness and what to expect from love.

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