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Marujas asesinas (2001)

posted by admin, July 17, 2017 @ 6:32 pm

Movie: Marujas asesinas

  • Director: Javier Rebollo
  • Stars: Neus Asensi, Antonio Resines, Nathalie Sesea, Pere Ponce, Karra Elejalde, Carlos Lozano, Inma del Moral, Paz Padilla, Mariv Bilbao, Saturnino Garca, Juan Inciarte, Esther Velasco, Itziar Lazkano, Peret, Mnica Naranjo
  • Release Date: August 24, 2001
  • Run Time: 105 min
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

In Madrid, Azu's husband Filipe is smug and boorish, but it's his money she slips to family members constantly in need of cash and that she uses to buy gifts for her lover, Pablo. Things start to fall apart when Pablo wants to leave her and when Filipe wants to evict Azu's cousin from a butcher shop he rents. Azu hatches a plan that relies on her sister, her cousin the butcher, and his mentally-challenged delivery man. When things start to go wrong, can Azu make them right?

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