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Mom (1991)

posted by admin, June 28, 2015 @ 11:09 pm

Movie: Mom

  • Director: Patrick Rand
  • Stars: Mark Thomas Miller, Jeanne Bates, Brion James, Mary Beth McDonough, Art Evans, Stella Stevens, Claudia Christian, Maray Ayres, Christopher Doyle, Tim Trella, Ed Johnson, Wendy Gordon, Charles Martinet, Gary Marks, Harry Landers
  • Release Date: June 19, 1991
  • Run Time: 95 min
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror

During a time when the city of Los Angeles is terrorized by animal attack style murders, a kindly elderly lady provides a nomad with room and board. It turns out that he is a werewolf and is responsible for the recent killings. He bites the elderly woman, turning her into a hungry werewolf. Now her adult son must try to prevent the both of them from doing any more harm.

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