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Sabrina (1954)

posted by admin, April 9, 2015 @ 12:57 pm

Movie: Sabrina

  • Director: Billy Wilder
  • Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Bill Neff, Chuck Hamilton, Colin Campbell, Ellen Corby, Emmett Vogan, Emory Parnell, Francis X Bushman, Fritz Ford, Gregory Ratoff, Harvey B Dunn, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Vohs, John Williams, Kay E Kuter, Kay Riehl, Marcel Dalio, Marcel Hillaire, Marion Ross, Marjorie Bennett, Martha Hyer, Nancy Kulp, Nella Walker, Otto Forrest, Paul Harvey, Ralph Brooks, Rand Harper, Raymond Bailey, Sam Harris, Walter Hampden, William Holden
  • Release Date: September 09, 1954
  • Run Time: 113 mins
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

A playboy becomes interested in the daughter of his family’s chauffeur. But it’s his more serious brother who would be the better man for her.

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