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Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid (1998)

posted by admin, June 30, 2015 @ 12:26 am

Movie: Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid

  • Director: Kevin McCarey
  • Stars: Stacy Keach
  • Release Date: February 25, 1998
  • Run Time: 55 min
  • Genre: Documentary

The giant squid (genus Architeuthis) seems like a creature from mythology–the world's largest invertebrate (up to 60 feet long), the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, a highly developed brain, a voracious predator. In works of fiction, they are a ferocious enemy of man. But the giant squid is real. Yet all we know about them comes from carcasses washed up on shore or caught in fishermen's nets; Architeuthis has never been seen alive. This documentary looks at the scientific efforts to find a live specimen in nature, focusing on Dr. Clyde Roper's project to attach a “Crittercam” camera to a sperm whale (which feeds on giant squid) in hopes that the whale will lead us to the elusive deep-sea giant squid.

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