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Sonny Boy (1989)

posted by admin, September 12, 2015 @ 9:31 am

Movie: Sonny Boy

  • Director: Robert Martin Carroll
  • Stars: David Carradine, Paul L. Smith, Brad Dourif, Conrad Janis, Sydney Lassick, Savina Gersak, Alexandra Powers, Michael Boston, Steve Carlisle, Steve Ingrassia, Stephen Lee Davis, Robert Broyles, Jeff Bergquist, Dalene Young, Christopher Bradley
  • Release Date: March 22, 1989
  • Run Time: 96 min
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

A small-town crime boss accepts delivery of a stolen car, only to find there\’s a baby in the back-seat. He and his transvestite \”wife\” cut out the boy\’s tongue and raise him as a mute accomplice in their crimes. When the grown \”\” escapes and tries to make contact with the outside world, the attention he draws to his warped family results in darkly-humored mayhem.

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