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Sunshine (1999)

posted by admin, April 1, 2015 @ 6:43 pm

Movie: Sunshine

  • Director: Istvn Szab
  • Stars: dm Rajhona, va Ig, Adolf Hitler, Andrs Fekete, Andrs Stohl, Andrea Fullajtr, Attila Lte, Balzs Hantos, Bill Paterson, Buddy Elias, David de Keyser, Deborah Kara Unger, Eszter nodi, Flra Kdr, Frederick Treves, Frigyes Hollsi, Gbor Mdi Szab, Gbor Mte, Gyrgy Kezdi, Hanns Zischler, Ila Schtz, Istvn Bubik, Istvn Fony, Istvn Hirtling, Istvn Szilgyi, Jcint Juhsz, Jnos Kulka, Jnos Nemes, Jnos Veszi, Jzsef Fony, James Frain, Jennifer Ehle, Joachim Bissmeier, John Neville, Josef Goebbels, Julius Schaub, Kroly Mecs, Kathleen Gati, Kati Slyom, Katja Studt, Lszl Glffi, Lajos Kovcs, Mari Trcsik, Mark Strong, Miriam Margolyes, Molly Parker, Peter Andorai, Peter Halsz, Rdiger Vogler, Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes, Rosemary Harris, Rudolf Hess, Sndor Dnffy, Sndor Sim, Sndor Szakcsi, Tams Fodor, Tams Jordn, Trevor Peacock, Vilmos Kun
  • Release Date: September 13, 1999
  • Run Time: 181 mins
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, War, History

The film follows a Jewish family living in Hungary through three generations, rising from humble beginnings to positions of wealth and power in the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire. The patriarch becomes a prominent judge but is torn when his government sanctions anti-Jewish persecutions. His son converts to Christianity to advance his career as a champion fencer and Olympic hero, but is caught up in the Holocaust. Finally, the grandson, after surviving war, revolution, loss and betrayal, realizes that his ultimate allegiance must be to himself and his heritage.

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