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Teen Steam (1988)

posted by admin, July 1, 2015 @ 12:19 am

Movie: Teen Steam

  • Director: Sonny Gordon
  • Stars: Alyssa Milano, Tiffanie Poston, Michelle Simms, Christie Furuka, Cheryl Richardson, Michael Rohrbacher, Gavin Ryan, Debbie Stern, Deanar Young
  • Release Date: September 08, 1988
  • Run Time: 45 min
  • Genre: Family, Music

While she\’s singing the theme song (written by Tom Milano), Alyssa doesn\’t put the headphones on all the way. Not just because it\’s cool to break the rules, but because anything that brushed against your hair in the 80s could destroy 45 minutes of work. From the song, we learn valuable firefighting metaphors like \”you can\’t put out a fire by jumping into the flames.\” We also learn, \”Teen

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