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The Sickness of Lucius Frost (2014)

posted by admin, June 27, 2015 @ 12:18 am

Movie: The Sickness of Lucius Frost

  • Director: Brian Lupo
  • Stars: Brian Lupo, Carolyn Michelle Wells, Ron Huston, Chris Lupo, Angel Izard, Chrystol Garcia, C. Joseph Pine, Noah Goeting, Aimee Goeting, Paul Nistico, Cheryl Nistico, Cynthia Jacobsen, Anijah Cupples, Karen Rueb, Riana Fisher
  • Release Date: August 05, 2014
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Horror

The Sickness of Lucius Frost: Imagine you waken to find yourself in a strange, decaying new land. Only, this new homeland is a breeding ground for the damned…evil spirits roam about, torturing the scattered few innocents hiding in it\’s hills. The unfortunate discover that at night, the worst of these beasts are released. This is now the existence of one Lucius Frost, a writer who uses his writing to exist in this hellish environment. A road that heads out of the hills leads through the rumored haunted highway, but the few who have trekked this path have never returned. What happened to them? On the brink of insanity, Lucius is forced to find out, accompanied by his spirit guide Aandeg. What they discover will be beyond their worst nightmares, and possibly open more doors than they wished to have found.

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