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The Sun in a Net (1963)

posted by admin, May 18, 2015 @ 1:19 am

Movie: The Sun in a Net

  • Director: Stefan Uher
  • Stars: Lubo Roman
  • Release Date: February 15, 1963
  • Run Time: 90 mins
  • Genre: Drama

Oldrich “Fajolo” Fajt?k (Mari?n Bielik), a student who directs quasi-existentialist verbal abuse at his girlfriend Bela Bla?ejov? (Jana Bel?kov?), takes off to a formally-volunteer summer work camp at a farm, actually mandated by the authorities, which inspires both him and Bela to start a relationship with someone else. A parallel story peels layers off Bela’s permanently tense home life marked by her blind mother’s (Eli?ka Nos?ľov?) studied helplessness, and her father’s (Andrej Vandl?k) revealed infidelity and past break with his father (Adam Jančo) who happens to live in the village where Fajolo is finding some consolation in the arms of a fellow student-volunteer Jana (Oľga ?alagov?). As Fajolo begins to pry into Bela’s grandfather’s secrets, she, in turn, allows her new boyfriend Peťo (Ľubo Roman) to read and deride Fajolo’s discursive and indirectly remorseful letters from the farm.The solar eclipse barely discerned by the main characters through thick clouds at the beginning of the film is echoed by summer and fall images of the sun[3] as they present themselves to all of them at various points in the film through a fisherman’s net from his pontoon on the Danube beyond the city’s suburbs, which Fajolo and Peťo have discovered independently and use as a swimming deck, a place to ponder life, or to try to seduce Bela. When, however, Bela brings her mother and brother Milo (Peter Lobotka) to the pontoon after a series of subdued interpersonal crises, the pontoon is on dry land because the water level has dropped, and the film ends with Bela and Milo lying to their mother about what they can see as they did about the visibility of the eclipse during the opening sequences.

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