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To Forgive (Cha Wu Ci Ren (2012)

posted by admin, July 16, 2016 @ 10:32 am

Movie: To Forgive (Cha Wu Ci Ren

  • Director:
  • Stars:
  • Release Date: June 15, 2012
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Action, Thriller

): China, Jiangsu province, the present day. On 15 October, after depositing the funerary urn of his father, Professor Gu Daqing (Feng Dalu), who died of a sudden heart attack, Gu Jie (Calvin Yu) receives a phone call from a stranger telling him the urn has just been stolen and to ?remember the 19th.? After his car is hit by a lorry, Gu Jie wakes up on the 16th on the seashore of an island, where he finds a kidnapped girl tied up nearby. The girl?s father, Jia Kuan (Li Hongquan), arrives and tells him to leave the island. In his pocket, Gu Jie finds a key to Room 327 of Shun Lai Hotel. After meeting a girl, Nana (Nancy Liu), who has a heart condition and whom his father once treated, Gu Jie goes to the decrepit hotel and checks into the room, where he finds an animal head in the bed and an old photo of a boy. ?Welcome to the game,? says the mysterious phone caller. Gu Jie meets some locals, including barber Yan (Law Kar-ying) and the mute Li Chun (Kimi Qiao), and has dinner at the home of Nana and her mother, Yu Zhi (Vivian Wu). He discovers the photo is of Niu San (Guo Yiwen) who was once accused of raping Yu Zhi 20 years ago and then committed suicide. The locals claim his ghost is haunting the village but, as Gu Jie is to painfully discover over the next few days, the truth is not so simple.

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