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Trust (2006)

posted by admin, June 28, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

Movie: Trust

  • Director: Alfred Robbins
  • Stars: Kaira Akita, Lauren ‘Angel’ Ashford, Deena Beasley, Diarra Day, Sharlene Falls, Kennisha Henderson, Rand Messiah, E. Roger Mitchell, David Paige-Bey, Paula Rittie, Alfred Robbins, Charles Rose, Mystie Davette Smith, Fred Wallace
  • Release Date: August 09, 2006
  • Run Time: 88 min
  • Genre: Drama

E. Roger Mitchell stars as Myles Rome , an architect in steamy Atlanta Georgia . He buys an engagement ring from a beautiful woman who happens to be the devil\’s daughter. When the stone falls out of the ring , Myles and his wife meet the woman at her hotel so repairs can be made. Myles\’ wife, Tory, has a bad feeling about the woman yet Myles is oblivious to the signs. A handyman makes a visit to the home of the couple to complete a small repair job. Tory asks for his opinion about her relationship problems and he offers sage advice. Later, he\’s killed while attempting to stop an assault but his words continue to guide Tory. Tory wants to have a normal life with Myles but is distressed by his inability to avoid the woman. The devil himself is delighted to watch his daughter fight for her life in a dangerous game with Myles.

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